ITV2 Reviving Catchphrase

Classic game-show Catchphrase is reportedly being revived for digital station ITV2.

Rather predictably Vernon Kay was originally linked to the presenting role on the proposed revival but now it has emerged that Stephen Mulhern has signed up as presenter instead. Mulhern currently presents the behind-the-scenes series Britain’s Got More Talent for ITV2.

“Stephen is over the moon that he is going to front the revival of such an iconic show….He feels he has worked his apprenticeship at ITV2 and has been rewarded with a fantastic opportunity. He can’t wait to get started. He’s really excited about it and has been watching old reruns….I’m sure he’ll come up with some of his own catchphrases, although ‘Say what you see’ may slip in there now and then.” – A ‘friend’ of Mulhern’s quoted by The Sun

Catchphrase originally aired on ITV between 1986 and 2002. It was first produced by TVS before Meridian took over production in 1993 briefly and then in 1994 Action Time produced the game-show for Carlton Television. The game-show had a number of presenters over the years but Roy Walker is probably still best remembered for his stint on the show. Walker presented Catchphrase from its launch in 1986 through to 1999. Nick Weir and Mark Curry presented the series in its latter years while Andrew O’Connor presented Family Catchphrase in the mid 1990s.

Catchphrase is one of several game-show revivals with broadcasters increasingly turning to the past. Blockbusters recently returned for a brand new series while Channel Five resurrected Going for Gold for a brief stint in 2008. ITV1 has, of course, revived Family Fortunes with Vernon Kay presenting the series.

Pictured: Top: Andrew O’Connor, Middle: Roy Walker and Bottom: Mark Curry.
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