Bomb Girls, a six-episode drama set during World War II, is to air in the UK on ITV3

The Canadian production from Muse Entertainment and Back Alley Films tells the remarkable stories of a group of women thrown together by war and into a completely new way of life – risking their lives in a munitions factory, building bombs for the European front.

There is fiery rich girl Gladys looking to escape her crushing social expectations. There’s gentle, honey-voiced Kate who lands in Toronto on a raft of secrets. There’s tough-talking Betty who has finally found a place where she belongs. And there’s the gritty matron Lorna who blossoms through the power of work and surprising romance.

The women form an unexpected kinship, while contending with the fathers, brothers, co-workers and suitors who are also facing various struggles (and advantages) from staying on the homefront.

With most of the men away at war, these women embrace their newfound freedom, changing their lives — and the world around them.  But whilst their newfound freedom offers thrills, it comes with conditions and a greater chance of mistakes, responsibility — even danger.

Set on North American soil, Bomb Girls looks at the wars fought on every front – whether the changing boundaries are in Alsace-Lorraine or on the factory floor. And as the women enjoy the new social terrain they’ve fought to gain… they become determined to not give it up without a fight.

Gladys is played by Jodi Balfour, Kate is portrayed by Charlotte Hegele, Ali Liebert plays Betty and Lorna is actress Meg Tilly.

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