Joseph Morgan has discussed what might be in store in the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries.

The British actor plays the vampire/werewolf hybrid Klaus in The CW supernatural series having joined the cast in the middle of its second season. In the season three finale, The Departed, the character of Klaus was staked by Alaric (Matt Davis) but the vampire survived thanks to possessing the body of Tyler (Michael Trevino) with a little help from witch Bonnie (Kat Graham).

Morgan has predicted that Klaus’ possession of Tyler will “end in tears”. In the third season Klaus developed an attraction to Caroline (Candice Accola) the girlfriend of Tyler and with Klaus now in the teenagers body the situation can only end badly!. Morgan told E! Online I think Klaus will do his best to take advantage of the situation and to get something from it; I wouldn’t be surprised if he does. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first Klaroline kiss is in Tyler’s body, but eventually I think he’ll be found out because that has the most dramatic effect, right?”

The actor also told E! Online that he believes the producers were going to kill Klaus off in the season three finale. “I think the intention was to kill me at the end of season three, and yet I live on, so I must be doing something right!” Producer Julie Plec recently confirmed Klaus had been slated to be killed off but the plans were changed as they wanted to keep Joseph Morgan part of the cast.

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