FoxThe Simpsons will air in a late-night slot on digital channel Sky Two for two weeks to mark National Donut Week. Contains the Sky press release.

FoxFor the very first time, the world’s favourite animated family The Simpsons will make a special channel premiere on Sky2 in a brand new late night slot. May 9th is national doughnut week and to celebrate this, The Simpsons fans will be able to catch Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie on Sky 2 from Monday 11th May at 10pm for two weeks only. So prepare to laugh out loud as the quick wit and anarchic adventures commence.

The late night The Simpsons festivities kick off with firm fan favourite Treehouse of Horror VI. In ‘Attack of the 50ft Eyesores’ billboard advertisements begin to attack the residents of Springfield. Cantankerous janitor Groundskeeper Willie starts attacking children in their sleep in ‘Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace’ and loveable buffoon Homer ends up stranded in a strange three dimensional world in ‘Homer3.’

The laughter continues throughout the two weeks with highlights including King Size Homer. Upset with the power plant’s new exercise regime, the already cuddly Homer decides to gain weight in order to work from home. And Bart’s nemesis Sideshow Bob is back once again in Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming. Deciding that all television is mindless drivel, Sideshow Bob escapes from prison and steals a nuclear bomb in an effort to rid the world from television once and for all.

The Simpsons is the longest- running primetime animated series ever, and the longest-running comedy series in television history. With countless awards to its name, the show has become legendary for its sharp humour and unparalleled celebrity guest list over the years.

Don’t miss late night The Simpsons, from Monday 11th May, weekdays at 10pm on Sky2.

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