EXCLUSIVE: Legendary Jeopardy! Winner Brad Rutter Becomes The Chaser

A pilot has been filmed for the US version of hit ITV gameshow The Chase.

ITV are looking to export the game show which sees four contestants hoping to win an equal share of the prize fund by defeating a chaser.

The pilot, which has been filmed at the London Studios, has seen a new chaser added to the family. Brad Rutter became known across America after winning big on gameshow Jeopardy! three times, making him the biggest all-time winner for the show totalling over $3.4 million.

at heathrow waiting for my flight back to L.A. – 8 am here. midnight there. i don’t even know what day it is. #jetlag – Rutter posted on Twitter earlier today

Contestants were flown over to take part in the pilot, having a chance to win big money. The cash-builder round sees a question worth $5000, much more than the £1000 offered on the UK version.

It had been widely reported that FOX television ordered the pilot, although it is not known where they intend to schedule it. Bradley Walsh fronted the pilot.

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