Sophie WebsterCoronation Street bosses may be plotting a lesbian storyline according to Sunday tabloid The News of the World.

Coronation Street bosses may be planning a lesbian storyline as producers feel they need to better Sophie Webster - born again Lesbian?at representing modern society. According to the News of the Tabloid Sean Tully will no longer be the only gay on the street as producers plan to introduce a lesbian storyline later on this year – and they plan to turn born-again, no sex before marriage, Christian Sophie Webster into a Lesbian! Quite how Sophie will maintain her no-sex-before-marriage beliefs with her proposed conversion to lesbianism, and how she’ll square that with her Christian beliefs, wasn’t revealed by the tabloid.

The only gay on the street but not the only stereotypeBosses are keen to turn the character into a lesbian but are pondering on how they should hock the character up with. One idea is to have Sophie embark on a relationship with fellow bible-lover Sian [Sacha Parkinson] but producers may yet to decide to introduce a new character for the lesbian storyline. Poor old Sally and Kevin will be wondering whether a forced diet of fish-fingers for years has turned Sophie into a lesbian!

Take this storyline with a pinch of salt until it’s confirmed! It might turn out the “lesbian plot” is nothign more than a stunt by Sophie to get her parents attention once more. However, if Corrie want to better represent modern society, and the gay community, we suggest they axe walking stereotype Sean Tully.

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