Strictly Come Dancing: Week two of the dancing competition saw yet another ex-EastEnder booted off the show. The lovely Gillian Taylforth is the latest to waltz out of the contest.

Seems the gutter press have forgotten Jade Goodie’s recent past as a racist and have taken sympathy on her because, like millions of others, she’s got Cancer. Yet to find a brain, but at least she’s got something.

Anyway I’m sure Jade Goodie will be the first to agree she wouldn’t want her Cancer to be used to try and erase the fact she’s a racist bully. So when reporting about the shamed ex-Big Brother star, don’t forget those key words – racist bully.

Little Comedy: Meanwhile over in America, the home of the free, the fat and the thick, Variety magazine complained that the humour in Little Britain USAseldom rises above what’s scrawled on a school bathroom wall”. The Matt Lucas and David Walliams devised sketch show has also been branded ‘crude’. The series airs on BBC One from October 3rd.

Five News: It’s good news from Five News for a change. Their main presenter Natasha Kaplinsky last week gave birth to a baby boy. Natasha, 36, married Justin Bower in 2005. He commented: “We’re absolutely thrilled.” The former Strictly Come Dancing hostess and contestant, and one-time BBC News anchor, moved to Five in February this year in a big-money deal.

Carol Vorderman: The Countdown hostess has suggested that Television bosses are in the main misrepresenting young people in programmes. Vorderman thinks that anti-social behaviour among, and carried out by, youngsters is being exaggerated. Carol hopes that this years Pride Of Britain Awards will redress the issue somewhat. Carol obviously doesn’t live near a chav filled estate, who ironically are the masse of ITV’s viewers.

Ofcom and Regional ITV: We’ve said for a long time Ofcom should be re-branded Ofcon. They never have – right back to the days of the IBA – cared about viewers or what viewers think. They are a patronising bunch of know-it-alls, who tell us what we want to watch and what we should be watching. They are pathetic. But don’t blame Ofcom for being a toothless regulator – its the Labour Government, and the Conservatives before them who have ruined the regional ITV network.

Last week Ofcom showed themselves up as the laughing stock that they are by once again bending over to be rogered good and hard by ITV executives over regional output. Ofcom admitted that regional ITV and its programmes are popular with viewers, however they don’t care about that and won’t force the network to continue to produce its public service requirements in that field, allowing the ever-greedy ITV to cut the regions down to nine from 17. Share holders will be happy, viewers not so, but at least Ofcom know where ITV’s priority remains.

Bectu’s general secretary, Gerry Morrissey, commented “Ofcom has not fulfilled its responsibility to the viewers.. ..They are looking after the interest of the broadcaster instead.

“ITV were happy to make tens of millions of pounds with these licences over the years but are now saying they don’t want to fulfil their public service responsibility any more.”

The Krypton Factor: It has been announced that the classic Granada Television gameshow The Krypton Factor will be returning to ITV. The quiz ran for eighteen years, however, in 1995 the final series was re-vamped and viewers switched off from the new format in their droves.

For the entire original run the show was presented by Gordon Burns, who now hosts a regional news programme for the BBC in the North West. For the final series Burns was joined by Penny Smith as co-presenter. Smith being the mainstay newsreader on breakfast shambles, GMTV. The new series will return to ITV next year.

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