Doctor WhoRome actress Lindsay Duncan is to guest-star in the second of this year’s Doctor Who specials.

It’s been announced that Lindsay Duncan will guest-star in the second of this year’s Doctor Who Doctor Whospecials. The actress will play Adelaide the companion to the Doctor during the special episode. Adelaide is described as the “cleverest” and “most strong minded” companion yet. The title of the second special episode has yet to be announced. Filming is currently taking place in Dubai for the first special, which will air at Easter, called “Planet of the Dead”. In the Easter special former EastEnders actress Michelle Ryan is taking on the role of the Doctor’s companion for the story.

Actress Lindsay Duncan is probably best known for her roles in GBH and the Rome, the historical romp drama series co-produced by the BBC and HBO. In the series she played Servilia, the lover of Julius Ceaser who turned against him and plotted his down-fall. Servilia was also at the centre of a feud with Atia [Polly Walker] which resulted in Servilia’s eventual suicide. More recently the actress appeared in ITV’s critically acclaimed Lost in Austen, Criminal Justice and Margaret – a biography of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during her last days of power.

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