BBC/ShineThe penultimate episode of BBC One’s new drama fantasy series Merlin, find out what’s in store for Camelot and Merlin in this gripping episode.







BBC/ShineMerlin Episode Twelve, BBC One, Saturday 6th December. 7.25pm.  Against his better judgement, Gwen’s father, Tom, agrees to help a renegade sorcerer, Tauren, turn lead into gold using a magical stone. Halfway through the act, a voice rings out – they’re both under arrest.


Several guards appear out of the shadows, led by Arthur. Tom goes quietly but Tauren uses his magical powers to escape.   Morgana and Arthur plead mercy for Tom but Uther is adamant – he will face trial and, if he is found guilty, there can be only one sentence. Morgana tells Uther that if he kills Gwen’s father, she will never forgive him.   BBC/ShineMorgana goes looking for Gwen and, amongst the debris of the chase in the forge, she finds the magical stone which the sorcerer must have dropped during his escape. Morgana places the stone in her pocket and heads off. Merlin can sense the stone but is unsure what the powerful feeling of magic means.  


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