Michelle Obama Supports Gay Marriage

Michelle Obama, the First Lady of America, has spoken in favour of gay marriage while answering questions from her Twitter followers.

Last month Barack Obama became the first serving American President to openly endorse same-sex marriage. The American President gave his vocal support for gay marriage in an interview on ABC News after Joe Biden, the Vice President, and Arne Duncan, the Education Secretary, both voiced their support for gay marriage.

In a newly released video, posted on the internet by the White House, Michelle Obama shares her views on gay marriage after answering questions from her 1m Twitter follows. Unsurprisingly the First Lady shares her husband’s view on why marriage equality is important.

For Barack and me it really comes down to values of fairness and equality that we want to pass down to our girls. These are basic values that kinds learn at a very young age and that we encourage them to apply in all areas of their lives. And in a country were we teach our children that everyone is equal under the law, discriminating against same-sex couples just isn’t right. So it’s as simple as that. We’re proud to have your support.” – Michelle Obama

Following Obama’s declaration of support for gay marriage many in Hollywood were quick to give the president their support. Amongst those to endorse Obama afterwards were Cyndi Lauper, Mia Farrow, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch and Betty White. Shortly after Obama’s announcement on gay marriage actor Will Smith and rapper Jay-Z also voiced their support for gay marriage.

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