The Million Pound Drop mobile app has now hit over 1 million downloads.

The app was launched iOS in May and on Android devices in July and proved an instant hit with fans of the show. It gives the user a chance to play along live with the show which is free, or they can pay to play the anytime mode (on iOS).

Users who play online via the official website will also see some major changes which Channel 4 hope will increase the “competitiveness” of the game.

“The appetite for playing along with the show is as strong as ever, and we’re pleased that the new mobile apps have extended the reach of the game.” – Jody Smith, Channel 4’s Multiplatform Commissioning Editor, Entertainment and Comedy

The popular quiz show, in which contestants have a chance of winning £1 million, will return to Channel 4 on Friday 14th September hosted by Davina McCall.

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