The third and final season of BBC One drama Mistresses, which stars Sarah Parish, opened on Thursday evening with a lacklustre 4 million viewers.


The return of Mistresses last night to BBC One proved a disappointment in terms of ratings. The third and final season of the drama, which see’s Joanna Lumley join the cast, opened with 4 million viewers in its new Thursday evening slot. By comparison last year’s second season opened with nearly 5 million viewers – however, it went out in a Tuesday evening slot. Ratings for the second season declined across its run although it was renewed by the BBC but for a final outing only. Elsewhere last night and The Hotel Inspector on Channel Four had 1.8 million viewers at 9pm – giving it a victory over Channel Four which had 1.6 million for Undercover Boss. Police, Camera, Action! on ITV1 had 3.5 million viewers. Overall this means that despite its lower ratings than last year Mistresses still won the slot for BBC One.


Earlier in the evening Celebrity Mastershef served up 4.3 million viewers for BBC One at 8pm. Location, Location, Location was seen by 1.6 million on Channel Four at 8pm while Natural World on BBC Two had 1.7 million viewers. At 9pm on the channel Victorian Pharmacy was seen by 2 million viewers. Earlier in the evening on BBC Two Mastermind: Champion of Champions had 2 million viewers. Five had a lacklustre evening with none of its prime-time offerings breaking the million mark. The closet it came to that point was at 10pm with Crimes That Shook The World – just under 900,000 tuned in.

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