Mitt Romney has secured his position has the Republican Presidential candidate for the forthcoming presidential elections in America.

Romney will challenge Barack Obama for the presidency later this year after securing the primary in Texas. There had been little doubt for some time now that Romney would be the Republican challenger in the elections. Romney had been the favourite for some time and was way ahead of his rivals especially since most of them have already dropped out of the race.

Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann was the first to step down; ending her campaign way back in January after a poor show in the Iowan caucuses. Shortly after Bachmann stepped down another Republican contender, Rick Perry, announced his withdrawal from the race and endorsed fellow candidate Newt Gingrich. In April the ultra conservative Rick Santorum ended his campaign – for a while it seemed as though he was the only serious rival to Romney.

However, Santorum’s stances on several issues, such as abortion, pornography and homosexuality, drew considerable press attention which wasn’t always favourable. Santorum was also subject to several protests during his campaign because of his stance on gay rights amongst other issues. At the start of May another rival to Romney, Newt Gingrich, stepped down. The most notable moment of Gingrich’s campaign was, by far, his pledge to have an American base on the Moon by the end of his second term in office!

Mitt Romney will be officially appointed as the Republican presidential candidate at the party convention in August. The road to his appointment has certainly been a rocky one for while he was the favourite the campaign within the Republican party has certainly been bitter at times. Romney is the first Mormon from a major party to contest the presidential elections. Romney will now have to select someone to run as vice president alongside him and doubtless some of his former rivals will be hoping they’ve impressed the Mormon enough to be selected.

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