Gavin and StaceyThe writers of popular BBC Three comedy series Gavin and Stacey have confirmed to fans that the series will return for a third series.

Ruth Jones and James Corden, writers of BBC Three’s Gavin and Stacey, have confirmed to fans of the series that it will return for a third series. A Christmas Special of Gavin and Staceythe show is due to air on BBC One over the festive period. BBC One has recently aired all the episodes of the series so far in preparation for the Christmas Special after the series premiered on BBC Three. Ruth Jones and James Corden, who also star in the comedy series, announced the return of the series for a third run during a radio show. During a live edition of Ruth Jones’ BBC Wales radio programme the pair announced to the gathered crowd, at Barry Island, that Gavin and Stacey would be back. The drama also stars Matthew Horne, Joanna Page, Larry Lamb, Rob Brydon and Alison Steadman

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