NBC Boss Defends Revolution Hiatus

Revolution-logoNBC chairman Robert Greenblatt has defended the network’s decision to put hit new series Revolution on hiatus.

The post-apocalyptic series created by Eric Kripke and produced by J.J Abrams premiered on NBC in September with 11.6 million viewers. Revolution has proven to be a hit for NBC and has also generated a lot of buzz with critics. NBC quickly picked up Revolution for a full season of 22 episodes (after just three episodes had aired) but in November the series went on hiatus.

That decision has been criticised by some but NBC boss Robert Greenblatt believes it was the right decision.  At the Television Critics Association winter tour in Pasadena the subject of the hiatus was raised and Greenblatt and asked if it was a terrible decision the chairman replied “Is it uniformly terrible, or uniformly terrible for terrible shows? The safer play for us was not to do what I think is equally bad, to put on one episode, then three repeats, then one on, one off…. If you market properly and have the goods, and you can run them all in a row… that’s the better long-term play”

Revolution’s time off-air will allow it time to catch up on post-production on episodes and have more episodes in the can by the time broadcast resumes. The drama stars Elizabeth Mitchell, Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito and David Lyons. It is expected to return to NBC for its remaining episodes in March.

[Via TV Line]

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