NBC has picked up J.J Abram’s apocalyptic Revolution for a series.

They’ll be another J.J Abrams show on the air soon as NBC has picked up Revolution as a series with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke as a produce alongside Abrams. So even if Fox does cancel Alcatraz as it is widely expected Abrams fans will have a new show to look forward to and that should soften the blow – especially as we now know that Fringe will only be back for a fifth and final season in the Autumn.

The Revolution revolves around an apocalyptic disaster that leaves Americans unplugged for all devices and machines; no cars, no mobile phones and no access to Twitter or Facebook – obviously society will quickly descend into chaos! The lack of technology will obviously have an impact on the characters in the drama who will struggle to cope in the new world with Billy Burke, Andrea Roth, Graham Rogers and Giancarlo Esposito amongst the cast.

[Written by Dominic Knight]

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