Neighbours executive producer has exclusively told ATV Today that she wanted Paul Robinson shot for the 6000th episode. (Contains spoilers for UK viewers)

Susan Bower told us that they had planned for Paul Robinson, played by Stefan Dennis, to be at the centre of a “Who Shot Paul Robinson” storyline, but due to classifications, this could not be done. Neighbours currently airs at 6.30pm on Network TEN in Australia. The show is due to be moved to their new digital channel ELEVEN next year. It is hoped that this means they will be able to be more adventurous with storylines.

Would have loved to have done who ‘shot’ PR but of course we can’t do that with our G classificationSays Susan Bower, executive producer of Neighbours, who spoke to us as Neighbours goes through celebration and changes in its 25th year.

Neighbours settled with “Who Pushed PR”, in which the resident bad boy was pushed from the mezzanine of the Lassiters hotel complex. The 6000th episode will air on Channel 5 in October. Bower also hit out at the claims by some fans that the show has become too teen orientated. She told us that the storylines have become “very balanced” over the past six months.


Check back on Sunday for the full interview with Neighbours executive producer Susan Bower. 

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