Neighbours-mediumActor James Mason has revealed that Neighbours gay couple Chris and Aidan are to split up in a forthcoming storyline.

The actor revealed details of the storyline in an interview with TV Week. Mason explained the split happens when his character of Chris feels that boyfriend Aidan (Bob Morley) isn’t being entirely honest with him. In the next few weeks UK viewers will see the start of the storyline as Aidan is suspended from his job at the Erinsborough Hospital and begins to freeze a concerned Chris out.

“What it came down to was Chris felt Aidan was becoming too independent – to the point where he wouldn’t let Chris in or share anything with him. He found himself constantly shut out. Chris is reluctant to end the relationship, but feels Aidan won’t change. He even seeks advice from Kyle about what to do.” – James Mason speaking to TV Week

When Chris decides to end the relationship Aidan begs for another chance but with the two having spilt up before actor James Mason believes its time for his character to move on and find someone else “This is the second time the two have split up. It might be time for Chris to move on”.

Australian viewers will see the scenes next week on Eleven while UK viewers will have to wait until February when the episodes are broadcast on Channel Five.

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