Neil Gaiman to write new Doctor Who episode

It has been confirmed that Neil Gaiman is amongst the writers for the second part of Doctor Who’s seventh season.

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has revealed the list of writers for the remaining episodes of the seventh season which will air on BBC One next year. The list confirms that Neil Gaiman will pen another episode; the writer previously hinted at such a possibility.

Gaiman penned the sixth season episode The Doctor’s Wife which guest starred Suranne Jones and won a Hugo Award and the 2011 Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation.

The complete line-up of writers for the remaining season seven episodes of Doctor Who are as follows. Steven Moffat is writing the sixth episode which will be directed by Colm McCarthy. The second episode will be written by Neil Cross and directed by Farren Blackburn; Cross has also penned the ninth episode which has been directed by Jamie Payne.

Mark Gatiss has written the 8th episode, directed by Douglas Mackinnon, as well as the 11th episode which has been directed by Saul Metzstein. Stephen Thompson has penned the 10th episode which is directed by Mat King and Gaiman’s episode is the 12th. The 13th episode is penned by Moffat himself though as yet no director has been revealed.

Four of the episodes have already been filmed. A provisional title for the 11th episode, penned by Gatiss, has been revealed; The Crimson Horror. The episode guest stars Dame Diana Rigg and her daughter Rachael Stirling.

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