BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten has said a new director general will be chosen within weeks following the resignation of George Entwistle.

Entwistle resigned late last night following the latest scandal to hit the BBC Newsnight programme regarding investigative report into child sex abuse allegations.

Lord Patten announced that Tim Davie will take over as interim director general of the BBC until a new appointment is made. Davie is currently director of Audio and Music at the BBC.

There are several investigations into Newsnight and the BBC following the two scandals. They are looking at why a report into Jimmy Savile was dropped last year, management failures, culture and practices at the BBC and the handling of claims of abuse in the past.

Just as it seemed the programme was overcoming the Savile row, it then aired a report into child sex abuse claims at a Welsh care home that occurred in the 1980s.

The report implicated a senior Tory figure of the time but did not name him. Steve Messham apologise on Friday for what he had said to the programme and admitted he’d misidentified the politician.

On Friday’s broadcast of Newsnight, the show aired an apology and discussed how the programme could have got it so wrong.

It is expected that a decision on whether Newsnight can continue, and if any major changes need to be made, will be announced later this evening.

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