BBCBBC One has commissioned a new drama that will star Hugh Bonneville and Janet McTeer. The drama will air early next year. Contains the BBC Press Release.




Hugh Bonneville (Filth: The Mary Whitehouse Story, Bonekickers) and Janet McTeer (Sense And Sensibility, Five Days) star as detective team Barclay and Foster in a gripping new two-part drama from BBC Drama Production, Hunter, to be shown on BBC One in early 2009.



Writer Mick Ford (George Gently, Ashes To Ashes, William And Mary) has taken the engaging and charismatic duo of DSI Iain Barclay and DI Amy Foster – created by Gwyneth Hughes in the critically acclaimed series Five Days – and put them at the heart of a team of compelling and unpredictable detectives who are faced with a shocking and highly sensitive crime.



When extremists kidnap two children from very different backgrounds and promise to release them only if their radical demands are met, the case falls into the hands of the intuitive and pragmatic Iain Barclay (Hugh Bonneville). With a relatively inexperienced and increasingly unreliable team, and frustrated with the lack of progress of the case, Barclay calls his firm friend and faithful deputy Amy Foster (Janet McTeer) out of “early retirement” and away from the bottle to support him.


Assertive, outspoken and energetic, Foster is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers to get the job done. Together, with a shared wit and understanding of the realities of their work, Barclay and Foster make a perfect team as they negotiate the politics of policing and the pressure of investigating this morally complex scenario. Set firmly in the real world of difficult decisions amid horrific truths, procedural bureaucracy and human fallibility, Hunter is an intelligent and provocative drama where answers do not always come easily, ends do not always tie up neatly and the crime is not necessarily always solved.



“In Hunter, Mick Ford has created a rare thing – a suspenseful thriller which is driven by human characters and the day-to-day detail of the real world. The combination of his exceptional script and the wonderful chemistry of the cast makes this truly unmissable event drama.”Kate Harwood, BBC Controller, Series and Serials


Filming began on Hunter at the beginning of September and will continue for one month in London. The 2 x 60-minute drama is produced by Emma Benson (Life Begins, Cold Feet), with Jessica Pope (The State Within, The Secret Life Of Mrs Beeton) as Executive Producer. Hunter is a BBC Drama Production and was commissioned by Jane Tranter, Controller, BBC Fiction.
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