watchRichard and Judy’s chat-show on digital channel Watch hits a new all time low as book sales for their book club also drop.

Ratings for husband and wife presenting team Richard and Judy have plummeted to a new-low. The watchpair left Channel Four to switch to digital channel Watch to front a new chat-show but they have been dogged by low ratings ever since. The chat-show has simply failed to take off providing plenty of tabloid stories about the poor ratings for the show. However, now ratings really have fallen to an all time low with only five thousand viewers tuning in to one edition. To add to the humiliation the edition was beaten by Swiss Rail Journey on the Travel Channel!

As if bad ratings weren’t bad enough sales for the books featured in their prestigious book club have also fallen with the pairs move to digital television. When the book-club featured as part of their channel four show sales would rise for the books covered but publishers are reporting that this time around that simply isn’t the case. Sales are hardly spiking at all which isn’t surprising given only five thousand viewers are tuning in.

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