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Around Five: What is that ‘Five’ image you may ask. Is it a ‘reduced sticker’ from a supermarket? No, its from ‘Channel Five’. So maybe a retro 70s weekend, or a tribute to Japan? No, tragically its their new logo for the entire station.

From the image, it seems ‘Five’ is going back to its roots, from classy to cheap and cheerful. The new, er, ‘improved’, ‘Five’ launches on October 6th. The current look has been on air since 2002. We hope the actual on-screen look doesn’t use this re, er, thing.

Bloomin’ Watch: Richard and Judy’s new UKTV show is to be called ‘New Position‘ and will air on the new channel, Watch. If you read last week’s TV Weekly, you’ll know that our Judy had been trying out a wonderful new position; legs in the air, skirt over her face and bloomers on show – I wonder if that’s where they got the idea for the name?

Curried Away: Former Blue Peter and Catchphrase presenter Mark Curry has married. 50 guests attended the ceremony at Marble Hill mansion in Twickenham. Mark who in recent times has presented cookery and travel programmes for Sky television called the occasion his “coming out” day. Mark married Jeremy Sandle, a chartered surveyor, they have been partners for ten years.

Leeming Love: Former BBC Newsreader Jan Leeming has taken to internet dating to find a partner. She said she’d placed an advert on website ‘Kindred Spirits‘ because all her friends have partners and she had no-one to accompany her to functions other than her son.

“My lovely son Jonathan often acts as my escort but he has his own life to lead and can’t spend all his spare time accompanying his mother.”

Leeming said she wasn’t looking for anything serious, however the 66-year-old continued: “Although over the years I’ve learnt never to say never, so watch this space.”

Ender The Dance: Former EastEnders actor Phil Daniels was the first celebrity contestant on Strictly Come Dancing to be voted off. Poor Phil, he did look like a rigid plank of wood being waltzed around the studio.

Four Axing: Channel Four are to axe 15% of their workforce as part of their cost cutting plans. The broadcaster aims to save up to £100m over the next two years. Around 150 staff will be effected by redundancy in this latest round of cuts.

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