Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has released a new video backing an anti-gay marriage bill as it looks increasingly likely that Mitt Romney will be named the party’s candidate to take on President Obama in the forthcoming elections in America.

The departure of Rick Santorum from the Republican candidacy race has all but handed victory to Mitt Romney. For the time being though Newt Gingrich is determined to battle on and try gain support for his bid by backing anti-gay measures. As public support for the candidate drops the Republican has released a new video in which he encourages citizens in the state of North Carolina to back a new bill banning gay marriage.

The issue of gay marriage continues to divide Americans but Gingrich’s opposition to it is a view point shared by many within the Republican party. Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann – all of whom have ended their presidential campaigns now – are also opposed to gay marriages. Rick Santorum even described marriage as a “privilege” not a “right” which should be denied to gay marriages. Santorum also argued gay marriages would lead to group marriages or even incestuous marriages and stated if elected he would amend the American constitution to ban gay marriages across the country and invalidate existing ones.

There are some states in America which have legalised gay marriage such as New York, Iowa and New Hampshire with Washington State voting to allow gay couples the right to marry earlier this year.

Written by Doug Lambert and Martha Kirkpatrick

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