The head of entertainment at FOX has said that Cheryl Cole is a “terrific judge” but no decision has been made yet on the US judging panel.

The X Factor US launches this year and a decision on who will be judging the show has yet to be decided. Peter Rice, head of entertainment at FOX has said that Simon Cowell is still meeting with potential stars to sit alongside him on the panel. “There’s great speculation. I think Simon is still meeting and trying to find the right mixture …It’ll be four judges as it is in England – it’s two men, two women… one of which will be Simon,” Rice said to Access Hollywood.

There has been rumours for many months that Cheryl Cole would be joining the American version of the show but her accent maybe a deciding factor, fearing that some Americans would not understand her. Although Rice has admitted that Cheryl would be a “terrific judge”. “If Cheryl was to be on the show, I think she’s proved that she’s a terrific judge…She has wonderful chemistry with Simon”

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