VaticanSeveral protestors staged a topless protest at the Vatican during the Pope's Sunday prayer service.

The four women, members of the Ukrainian feminist group Femen, stripped off and revealed phrases “shut up” on their fronts and “in gays we trust” on their backs. The protestors also shouted “homophobic shut up” at Pope Benedict XVI as the head of the Catholic Church performed the weekly prayer service.

The Vatican and the Pope have stepped up their attacks on gay rights and gay marriage in recent weeks – a move which has drawn criticism. The Catholic Church has been accused of being out of touch with society and the public’s relaxed attitudes towards gay and lesbians. The Pope recent described gay marriage as a “threat” to “justice” and “peace” claiming it would harm society.

Despite the Pope’s warnings many countries around the world have already legalised gay marriage and the world hasn’t ended for them. Other countries such as the UK, France and Germany are pushing ahead with plans to introduce marriage equality.

Femen had held similar protests – on different issues – in countries such as Ukraine, Russia and the UK. The group has staged against corruption and for pro-democracy protests.

[Written by Martha Kirkpatrick, Source: ITN News/Pink News]

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