Deborah Shelton and Cathy Podewell Returning To Dallas

Dallas-2012Actresses Deborah Shelton and Cathy Podewell are set to return to Dallas.

The duo are returning to the revived oil based drama as part of the show’s tribute to actor Larry Hagman who passed away late last year. Hagman’s character of J.R Ewing is set to be killed off during the second series with a funeral episode – which will act as a tribute to both the character and the actor.

Deborah Shelton played Mandy Winger in Dallas between 1984 – 1987; originally introduced as a girlfriend of Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) the character ended up becoming mistress to J.R. Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) was less than impressed with Mandy’s presence in her husband’s life and successfully schemed to get the model out of Dallas – by giving her a helping hand to Hollywood.

Cathy Podewell played Cally Harper-Ewing between 1988 and 1991, the second wife of JR and effectively Sue Ellen’s replacement. Exactly how Sue Ellen will deal with both Mandy Winger and Cally Ewing’s appearance at JR’s funeral will be interesting for viewers. Things could get even more interesting if another former mistress/girlfriend of J.R attends the funeral; Afton Cooper. Actress Audrey Landers is reported to be reprising her role as the ex-wife of Barnes for the second series so perhaps her appearance at JR’s funeral isn’t a stretch too far.

Meanwhile it is expected that Charlene Tilton will reprise her role of Lucy Ewing, J.R’s niece, and Steve Kanaly is expected to return as J.R’s half-brother Ray Krebbs. Joan Van Ark and Ted Shackelford are reprising their roles of Valene and Gary Ewing for three episodes and viewers can expect one of those episodes will be for J.R’s funeral. It certainly looks as though producers are giving J.R a proper send off.

In the UK Dallas will return at the end of January, according to reports.

Which other characters from the original series would you like to see producers bring back for J.R’s send off? Post your suggestions by using the comments form at the bottom of the page.

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5 Replies to “Deborah Shelton and Cathy Podewell Returning To Dallas”

  1. Would be really good if Victoria Principal would return as Pam but that’s unlikely!

    Also if a few other Knots Landing characters could turn up for JR’s funeral seeing as Larry Hagman did crossover for several episodes of the spin-off.

    A few of the “cartel” would also be nice like Marilee Stone.

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