Dictator Task for Celebrity Big Brother

Frankie, CBB, DictatorFor this week’s shopping task Frankie will become the tyrannical dictator of the house, dishing out strict orders and punishments to his fellow housemates. What he doesn’t know is that the others are secretly plotting a revolution, and will pass the task if they can restore democracy by ending the dictator’s reign of terror by staging a revolution on Day 2 of the task.
Frankie has been called to the diary room and was told that he is now The Dictator of the Big Brother house. To pass this week’s shopping task he must enforce the strict rules of his Regime on the other housemates.

He must choose two housemates (he has chosen Razor and Ryan) to become his body guards; these body guards will guard him at all times and keep him company in the Golden Palace (his luxurious residence in the gym).

All other housemates must change into basic civilian clothes and spend their time in the main house and garden, sticking to the rules of The Regime and obeying the various orders given to them by the dictator.

However during the Day 1, one housemate will be called to the diary room and told that they are the Leader of the Revolution. It will be up to them to initiate certain secret missions in order to secure the success of their revolution on Day 2.

During the day there will be the following hits:

The Dictator announces he is banning all hair and beauty products from all housemates; these will be collected by the guards and locked in a secure box.

Morning and Afternoon
2nd HIT
One housemate will be called to the diary room and told they are the Leader of the Revolution.

3rd HIT
The Dictator announces he wants all housemates to come to him in turn and pledge their allegiance to him by showering him with compliments, however the Leader of the Revolution is told to make sure he offends Frankie. If he does this successfully he will be sent to Jail where he can retrieve the hidden explosives they will need on DAY 2 to blow up Frankie’s statue during the revolution.

4th HIT
The Dictator announces he wants two female housemates to join him for dinner in the Golden Palace.

These two female housemates will be given a phone tapping device to hide the phone in the Golden Palace. They must also steal the keys to the locked trunk of banned personal belongings; they must achieve both these goals during their soiree with Frankie without being caught.

5th HIT
The housemates will be treated to a silent disco courtesy of their leader; however what Frankie does not know is that his telephone is now bugged. During the silent disco the audio of a revealing conversation about the other housemates between Frankie and Big Brother will be fed into these headphones meaning they can all hear everything he says.

At the end of Day 1, on the morning of Day 2, housemates will stage a Revolution. Full task release to follow tomorrow.

Extra Task Points

During this task all of the housemates’ normal food will be removed from the kitchen. In its place the housemates must survive on tinned rations. These rations will be disgusting tinned food, de-branded with the regime logo, so housemates don’t even know what is in each can. These are kept by The Dictator and his guards, so housemates must request them if they are hungry. The Dictator and his guards, on the other hand, will be supplied with luxury meals throughout the day.

The Golden Palace
The Dictator will spend most of his time in his palace (the Gym) where he can help himself to food from his fridge and chill out.

The Jail
Also in the garden is an outdoor jail, where the dictator can send housemates if they do not obey orders.

Sedan Chair Safety Pod
For his own safety, Whenever The Dictator wishes to leave the Golden Palace and take a tour around the House he must do so inside his safety pod carried by the two bodyguards.

The task can be seen on Wednesday 16th January’s edition of Celebrity Big Brother, 9pm on Channel 5

[Reporter: Vivian Summers]

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