David Morrissey Open To Doctor Who Return

Doctor WhoDavid Morrissey has stated he would ‘absolutely’ love to return to BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who.

The actor is currently playing the Governor on AMC’s critically acclaimed and ratings hit Walking Dead; the post apocalyptic series which stars fellow Brit actor Andrew Lincoln. Way back in 2008 the actor guest starred in the Christmas Special, The Next Doctor, in which he played Jackson Lane.

The Next Doctor teased fans with the prospect that David Morrissey would be replacing David Tennant but, of course, it was all a red-herring of sorts. Morrissey’s character of Jackson Lane was merely someone who thought he was the Doctor for reasons far too complicated to explain.

Although Morrissey’s appearance was just a one-off the actor has stated he is quite happy to return. In an interview with Den of Geek his role in Doctor Who was mentioned and when asked if he would return the actor was very keen. “Ah, I’d love that. I would absolutely love to do it again. I had such a ball doing it. Mark Gatiss says, you know, there’s nothing more blissful for him to write than “Interior TARDIS: Day” or whatever on the top of one of his scripts, it’s living the dream. And for me, when I went down and worked on it, I thought ‘This is great’, it’s a really well-run show, people take it very seriously but you have fun on it. And l loved that character, I really loved Jackson Lake, I thought he was a really interesting man, he was in some sort of trauma himself and the Doctor liberates him from that.”

The Next Doctor also guest starred Dervla Kirwan and featured the Cybermen in their last full appearance until 2011’s Closing Time by which time Matt Smith had taken over the role of the Doctor. The Cybermen did however make small appearances in The Pandorica Opens and A Good Man Goes To War. 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who so a return for Morrissey to the sci-fi series may not be totally out of the question. Just how the television series will mark the anniversary is, as yet, unknown but fans are hopeful for a “multi-doctor” story reuniting the remaining Doctor actors such as Tom Baker and Paul McGann.

[Written by Dominic Knight, source Doctor Who TV]

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