Spartacus_War-of-the-DamnedSpartacus newcomer Todd Lasance has addressed rumours of a spin-off from the blood and sex drama.

The third and final season of Starz’s historical drama Spartacus, titled War of the Damned, is due to kick off at the end of the month. The final season will chronicle rebel slave Spartacus’ (Liam McIntyre) continued battle against the might of the Roman empire. Following the defeat of Glaber (Craig Parker) in the season two finale the Empire turns to new blood to defeat Spartacus and his band of rebels; step forward a young Gaius Julius Caesar played by Todd Lasance.

Rumour has it that Starz is lining up a spin-off focusing on the young Caesar and in an interview with the New York Daily News actor Todd Lasance addressed those rumours “Honestly, we haven’t had any specific conversations about where Caesar will go or what will happen in the future. I’m kind of in the dark. But it’s certainly something I’d look at if the opportunity presented itself.”

In the same interview the actor discussed playing the famous Roman and how the Spartacus portrays the future leader of the empire “He’s kind of the rogue of the Roman Empire. He’s a lot more hands-on and getting dirty on the battlefield than what you’d expect. I think it’ll be a nice surprise, and a new twist on Caesar.  They picture the white cloak and the wreath around the head. That couldn’t be any further (from the truth) actually. They focus a lot on the period during his 20s, where he was on the battlefield with a sword. There are some epic fight scenes. So it’s a lot dirtier and grittier and a more hardcore version of Caesar than I think anyone would have seen before.”

Its hardly surprising that a spin-off from Spartacus is under considering; the series generates much press interest and ratings for Starz. Fans were disappointed to find out the third seaosn would be its last so a new series set in the same universe would appeal to a large portion of the audience.

Is Caesar the best character to follow post Spartacus? Is he a character who has been portrayed too often on television and film? What spin-off series from Spartacus would you like to see? Post your suggestions below by using the comments form at the bottom of this page.

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