Rick Santorum Blames Universities For Gay Marriage Campaign

American-FlagFormer Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum has blamed colleges and universities in America for promoting gay rights and pornography!

Santorum was one of several Republicans who ran against Mitt Romney to be the party’s presidential candidate. Like many of this fellow candidates Santorum stood to the right of the Republican party; a hard-line ultra conservative. Santorum spoke out against gay marriage, abortion and pornography during his campaign.

Unsurprisingly the ultra conservative “Christian” has continued in his campaign against marriage equality in America. Late last year he joined the campaign against the introduction of same-sex marriage in the state of Washington. The Republican claimed the introduction of same-sex marriage would “destroy family and churches” despite the fact gay marriage is legal in other countries around the world and this has not led to the destruction of either.

Speaking at Washington Watch, Mr. Santorum continued his outspoken attack on gay marriage and accused universities and colleges in America for the march towards marriage equality and also blamed them for pornography!!

“If you look at the popular culture and what comes out of Hollywood, if you go to our schools and particularly our colleges and universities, they are indoctrinated in a sea of relativism and a sea of antagonism towards Christianity. Abortion is a symptom. Marriage is a symptom. Pornography [is a symptom],” he continued. “All of these are symptoms to the fundamental issue that we’ve gotten away from the truth and the ‘Truth-Giver.” – Rick Santorum

The politician was challenged numerous times over his stance on gay marriage during his bid for the Republican presidency candidacy. During one of the challenges he responded by claiming that marriage was a “privilege” and not a “right” and therefore gay couples were not entitled to marry. Santorum was also a supporter of amending the American constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage across the country and declare void existing gay marriages conducted in states which had passed gay marriage laws.

Last year President Barack Obama and his Vice President, Joe Biden, both publicly gave their support for marriage equality in America. Obama is the first serving president to publicly give his support for gay marriage. In March of last year former president Jimmy Carter revealed he was a supporter of marriage equality but didn’t believe Churches should be forced to conduct same-sex ceremonies if they didn’t wish to.

[Written by Martha Kirkpatrick, source Pink News]

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