Sky Atlantic Premier Of The Following Attracts Viewers

Sky AtlanticThe UK premier of Kevin Bacon’s new drama The Following proved to be a hit for Sky Atlantic on Tuesday evening.

The new thriller drama series premiered on Fox in America on Monday evening to impressive ratings. The Following became the second highest rated premier of the current season behind NBC’s Revolution. One day later and the drama once again proved to be ratings gold for a broadcaster; this time it was Sky Atlantic.

Overnight figures reveal that 270,000 viewers tuned in to Sky Atlantic at 10pm for the opening episode. That figure may seem small especially given digital channels can now attract 1 million plus for some broadcasts but for Sky Atlantic it is roughly seven times the slot average.

The Following, which also stars Rome/Camelot actor James Purefoy, has attracted plenty of press interest in the run up to its launch because of the issue of violence on television. However, the Kevin Williamson drama certainly doesn’t seem to have suffered from the debate surrounding television violence and the effect it may have on viewers.

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2 Replies to “Sky Atlantic Premier Of The Following Attracts Viewers”

  1. I watched The Following today on Sky Anytime . . . Horrific! it was far too gory and needlessly showed close ups of missing eyeballs etc. And did the plot really need to have a child kidnapped at the end? all in all I found it too disturbing and will not be looking out for it on TV as I would rather not see anymore.

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