Twin-PeaksTwin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost has hinted that the quirky 1990s soap could return in some form.

Late last year the internet was awash with rumours that Mark Frost and David Lynch’s 1990s cult soap was about to return. Rumour had it that talks were taking place between Lynch and co and NBC over a possible third season of Twin Peaks or a remake. In the end the rumours turned out to be just that.

However, the rumours did offer fans a glimmer of hope because NBC’s Jennifer Salke admitted reading the reports did make the network consider the prospect. At the time the NBC exec said “When it came up we all looked at each other and said, ‘That’s a good idea’…..We were all kind of like, ‘Hmm, we like Twin Peaks!’ So, I’ll send some emails today, and see what I can get to come in.”

Now Mark Frost has hinted that the soap may have some kind of future. Speaking at the Twin Peaks Retrospective at the University of Southern California he was asked about a possible third season and replied “Twin Peaks is a continuing story…..That comes from David Lynch and myself” Frost also revealed that deleted scenes from the 1992 prequel movie Fire Walk With Me could very well be released at some point – fans have long campaigned for such an eventuality.

The 1992 prequel was heavily edited for its theatrical release as Frost himself admitted “There’s a large chunk of the movie that’s never been seen because David had to cut it down to a more manageable length for release. We’re hoping that sometime in the next couple of years we’re gonna be able to release those scenes. There’s about 45 minutes of material so that’s something people will be able to see pretty soon.”

Twin Peaks ran for two seasons on ABC between 1990 and 1991; it was set in a small logging town in the American state of Washington. The central storyline for its first season and part of its second was the murder of teenager Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) and investigation into her death by FBI Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and local sheriff Harry S Truman (Michael Ontkean). As FBI Agent Cooper investigates the murder of Laura he quickly realises the town of Twin Peaks is unlike anywhere else.

Ratings began to fall when the murderer of Laura was revealed – thus giving away the hook which reeled viewers in. As storylines became increasingly quirky and dark ratings dropped and ABC decided to cancel the series. It’s cancellation led David Lynch to produce the prequel Fire Walk With Me which was not well received by critics and was a Box Office failure.

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