Medical Soap Angels To Be Released On DVD

AngelsThe first series of BBC One‘s medical soap Angels, screened in the late 1970s and early 1980s, is set to be released on DVD.

Angels was created by Paula Milne in 1975 and originally revolved around student nurses at the St Angela’s Hospital, later Heath Green Hospital following a relocation. The first episode of Angels was directed by Julia Smith who would become producer on the series in 1979 when its format changed. Angels was originally a seasonal drama but in 1979 it was revamped into a twice weekly soap opera with Julia Smith at the helm and Tony Holland enlisted as script editor.

Angels proved an early testing round for Smith and Holland who would later create EastEnders and Eldorado together. It was also in many ways the forerunner to Casualty which would launch in 1986 three years after the television finale of Angels.

Amongst the many actors who featured in Angels over the years were some who would later be cast in EastEnders such as Kathryn Apanowicz, Shirley Cheriton and Judith Jacobs while other cast members included Pauline Quirke, Julie Dawn Cole, Angela Bruce and Lesley Dunlop.

In the early 1990s the series was repeated in full on UK Gold. The first season of Angels is to be released in the UK by Simply Media and will be available to buy from April. It follows the release of the similarly themed ATV daytime soap opera General Hospital and releases of Emergency Ward 10 and early seasons of Casualty on DVD.

Below is the title sequence from 1983.

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[Written by Doug Lambert]

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