I’ve got a real video treat for you today darlings; lots of sexy hunks in an advert for Andrew Christian‘s underwear.

WARNING: This article contains some strong language and the video contains some nudity. It is not suitable for all readers.

This wonderful video features lots of sexy hunks getting up close and personal with some paint. I think this is certainly one advert that is far too hot for television which is a great shame. I’d much rather watch this advert, on a loop, than that ghastly Go Compare advert or, even worse darlings, all those bloody ‘have you had an accident at work’ ads!

The ‘tag me’ video is set to the song Put Your Graffiti On Me by Kat Graham who some of you may know for her role of Bonnie Bennett in The CW‘s sinfully wonderful The Vampire Diaries. I never miss an episode darlings mostly because it features the lushous Ian Somerhalder although I must admit a little crush on Joseph Morgan and Steven R. McQueen as well. In fact darlings The Vampire Diaries is rather like this video; over flowing with hunks! I just hope ITV2 hurry up and continue with season four!

Don’t forget darlings that we have a vampire poll at the moment the lovely Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan both feature! We are being extra generous with this poll darlings because you can pick two vampires to vote for!

Voting is really simple even a fucking idiot could do it; find our poll on the right-hand side of the website, above the ‘recent stories’ box, select your 2 choices and click vote! Couldn’t be fucking easier if we tried dears!

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[Written by Vivian Summers]

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