Geordie Shore returns with Europe Tour

Geordie Shore

Love it or hate it the pretty young boys and girls are back with the ‘fly on the wall’ MTV series Geordie Shore.

The fifth series sees the cuties venture into Europe to enjoy some stag and hen destinations as bride-to-be Vicky and partner Ricci teaming up with Charlotte, Gary, Sophie, Holly, James, Dan and Scott on a tour of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague and Tignes to party hard.

The trailer for the latest series sums up the North East with the cast in fancy dress, ranging from a Sumo Wrestler and Toilet Roll to a Kabab.

“Yes the drunken sluts and tarts are back” says ATV Today showbiz reporter Vivian Summers, adding, “Another show glamorising sex, alcohol and lewd behaviour. I shouldn’t watch it but let’s face it, we’re the embarrassment of Europe thanks to how our ‘youth’ behave so, I find it quite educational to see how appalling 20-something Brits are compared to our French and German more tasteful and sophisticated counterparts.”

Geordie Shore returns to MTV at 10pm on February 19th

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