Glen Mazzara Discusses Walking Dead Exit

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s former show-runner Glen Mazzara has discussed his exit from the Zombie horror series.

AMC’s Walking Dead goes through show-runners almost as quickly as it goes through actors. Earlier this week broadcaster AMC announced that Scott Gimple will become the drama’s third show-runner in as many years. Gimple’s appointment follow’s AMC shock decision to replace Glen Mazzara who they drafted in to replace series creator Frank Darabont.

The departure of Mazzara from The Walking Dead didn’t go un-notice by its fans or his contemporaries some of whom were rather critical of AMC. Now the man himself has addressed his surprise exit from the series.

Speaking at a panel attended by Deadline the former show-runner is alleged to have said “When people involved with the show are looking at the long-term plan, you know, they want something different. And what those differences are, you’d have to ask AMC. I was a hired gun coming in to support the creator of the show and, through odd circumstances, I ended up becoming the showrunner. I was just glad that I was able to contribute and not mess up the show, I see that as a win … When you are the creator you can say this is what the show is. I didn’t create the show, I didn’t create the comic book so I was just glad I was able to contribute.”

The Walking Dead has already been re-commissioned for a fourth series which will seemingly take the show in a new creative direction with Gimple in charge. While Mazzara may have had some critics amongst fans of the series there’s no doubt his direction helped secure the series some excellent ratings and its crucial renewal. Some fans are taking bets on how long Gimple will last before AMC replace him.

Last week a new trailer for the second half of Walking Dead’s third season was released. You can watch the trailer before.

[Written by James Ryder via Blastr]

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