Vampire Diaries Spin-Off To Feature Flashbacks

Vampire-Diaries=mediumThe Originals, the proposed spin-off from The Vampire Diaries, will feature flashbacks.

Actor Daniel Gillies, who recently signed up to appear in The Originals, has revealed that the proposed spin-off will feature flashbacks much like its parent series. The backdoor pilot for The Originals will air in April as part of The Vampire Diaries‘ fourth season and Gillies has signed to reprise his role of fan-favour Elijah brother of hybrid Klaus (Joseph Morgan).

“It will be about both the contemporary — where we are now and what we are up to — and also will flash back to show what the f–k happened to us to bring us to this moment,” – Daniel Gillies quoted by Entertainment Weekly

The Vampire Diaries has used flashbacks numerous times to explain the back-story of certain characters. The first series used flashbacks to explore the background to Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) feud over vampire Katherine (Nina Dobrev). The first meeting of Katherine and Klaus was also told through flashbacks and how the vampires first came into being was also told through flashbacks.

The Originals will be set in New Orleans and actor Gillies has revealed that Vampire Diaries show-runner Julie Plec has been toying with the spin-off for some time. “Julie Plec has been talking about this for a little while and to be honest with you, I never thought it was going to become a reality….I just thought it was a cool idea she threw around and I did not dare to dream that it would come to fruition. I knew that if it did, we would be a part of it, but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. But I feel very blessed that it is closer to becoming a reality now.”

The Originals is slated to air on The CW on Thursday 25th April.

[Written by Dominic Knight]

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