Churches In America May Pull Funding From Scouts Over Gay Vote

American-FlagSome Churches in America may pull its funding from the Boys Scouts of America if the organisation lifts its controversial ban on gay members and leaders.

Showing that they are full of love for their fellow neighbours some Churches in America are none too happy about the possibility of the Scouts removing its ban on gay leaders and members. Over the past few days it has been reported that the Scout movement in America may vote in lifting the ban which has proven to be highly controversial and resulted in numerous Scout councils taking a stand over the gay ban.

The lifting of the ban is reportedly to be voted on by the Scouts board next week but even if the ban is lifted it will be up to local Scouting authorities to determine whether or not they allow gay members or leaders. That means that even though the ban could well be lifted nationally in local areas it could continue. Despite the fact that local Scout councils will have the power to decide whether or not to allow gay members some Churches are now suggesting they may cease funding outright if the ban is lifted nationally.

Mr Oldham, a spokesperson for The Southern Baptist Church which is one of the largest religious groups to fund the Scouts, suggests his organisation will reconsider its position on funding over the lifting of the ban. Mr Oldham also suggested the Scouts would face a big backlash. “We would anticipate that there would be a very significant backlash to this as churches re-evaluate whether scouting comports with their values,” Mr. Oldham is quoted as saying.

The Washington Times also reports that Mr Oldham stated if the BSA does indeed change its policy on gay members his Church would likely issue a statement urging religious organisations not to donate money to the Scouts – such a charitable act.

[Written by Queenie Le Trout, source: The Washington Times]

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