Ewan McGregor and David Attenborough go Wild in Scotland

David AttenboroughEwan McGregor and David Attenborough (pictured) are to font a new wildlife series for BBC Scotland.

Due to transmit over the spring and summer, the season, entitled Wild Scotland, will provide intimate but also inspiring images of Scottish wildlife and landscape.

Along with some of the world’s top wildlife cameramen the focus is to be put on Scotland’s stunning scenery and wild animals.

Three of the programmes chart the course of a wild year in the Hebrides. High winds, drought and the most dramatic storm in living memory are all thrown at the animal cast of the Islands on the Edge. While a four-part series reveals how Scotland and its landscape has inspired a generation of world class cameramen to capture wildlife in all its glory across the globe and helped shape our understanding of the natural world.

There is also Midsummer Live presented by Dougie Vipond. The show aims to capture that magical Midsummer moment in Scotland as the country enjoys some of the longest stretches of daylight in Europe.

Neil McDonald, Executive producer of the Wild Scotland season, says: “Scottish viewers will just not have seen Scottish scenery and wildlife reflected in such cinematic majesty before as we have in Hebrides – Islands on the Edge.

“It is very much a landmark series for BBC Scotland in conjunction with independent TV company Maramedia, providing unprecedented images of the greatness and minutiae of the islands’ wildlife. This is the flagship for a season of programmes , which celebrates the televisual gift of the Scottish scenery and wildlife for viewers and for the people, behind the camera, that it inspires.

“Across the season, we are also delighted to have such star names as Ewan McGregor and Sir David Attenborough involved as well as some of the top names behind the camera alongside the main attraction – the landscape and wildlife.”

[Reported by Neil Lang]

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