American-FlagFormer Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Perry has stated the Boy Scouts of America should keep its gay ban.

The controversial ban on openly gay members, leaders or volunteer staff maybe be lift and the possibility has prompted a big back lash from conservatives and so called Christians in America. The national board of the Scouts is debating whether or not to lift the ban and if it goes ahead it will bring to an end the deeply controversial ban. However, if the ban is lifted it is likely that local Scout groups will still be able to discriminate against gay members or leaders.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has become the latest conservative to add his voice to those opposing lifting the ban. At a Scouts gathering in Texas on Saturday the state governor was asked his opinion on the policy and Perry stated “I think most people see absolutely no reason to change [the policy].”

Several Churches in America have reportedly threatened to pull their funding from the Scouts if it does lift the ban. The ban itself though has resulted in the Scouts losing funding from several large corporate donors such as UPS and Intel.

In December 2011 Rick Perry released a video, as part of his bid to be named the Republican Presidential candidate, in which he discussed his Christian and Conservative values. The video was widely criticised – and mocked – for Perry’s attack on homosexuality. In the video Perry said there was “something wrong with our country” when “gays” can “serve in the military” but school-children can’t “celebrate Christmas or pray” in schools.

In January 2012 Perry formally dropped out of the Republican presidential race after coming 5th in the Iowa caucuses. After dropping out he endorsed fellow conservative – and Moon base fan – Newt Gingrich. When Gingrich also dropped out of the race Perry then endorsed Mormon Mitt Romney who was the eventual winner of the Republican race. However, Romney lost the election Presidential campaign as Barack Obama was re-elected.

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