ATV Archive: ThunderbirdsYesterday it was announced that a new version of Gerry Anderson’s classic series Thunderbirds will hit CITV in 2015 but should the remake go ahead or should ITV leave well alone?

For every successful remake (Battlestar Galactica) there are several flops (The Prisoner, Bionic Woman, Knight Rider). It’s little wonder that when a should is to be remade fans of the original get a little tetchy especially when its a show as iconic and popular as Thunderbirds.

Fans have good reason to be a little worried; the live-action Hollywood remake of Thunderbirds was simply appalling and the 2000’s CGI version of Captain Scarlet lacked the character of its original.

Thunderbirds isn’t the only Gerry Anderson show to be getting a 21st century make-over; a Hollywood version of UFO has been in the works for several years while last year it emerged ITV Studios were developing a Space 1999 remake in America.

So should ITV remake Thunderbirds or leave well alone? Vote below and you can comment on the proposed remake by using the form below the poll.

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