Skins-MediumEver wanted to know what the two people who are clearly on a first date at the table next to you are talking about? Bryan Elsley, creator of the seminal, award-winning E4 series, Skins, is set to answer our collective curiosity by taking Channel 4 on a series of Dates with an ensemble cast of leading British screen talent.

Let’s face it, we’ve ALL wanted to know what’s being said, how it’s going, how it ended, whether they met The One, didn’t meet The One, had the most disastrous date of all time….

From the confusion and misunderstandings of school teacher Jenny’s first encounter with city trader Nick, through to the urbane cool of Mia’s first date with Stephen, Dates is an episodic slice of modern life, following eleven unconnected people as they embark on a series of first encounters lured by the promise of romance. Or something. Whatever. They’d just like to meet somebody, maybe.

But what happens when the white lies spun in that all important online profile are revealed, or bigger lies are told to cover up the smaller, seemingly more innocuous ones – the crisis of confidence, the sexual confusion? And what happens when the bread sticks run out and the bill for one has to be paid?

Dates is set to showcase major acting talent in dramatic two handers telling the story of a date and the two people who meet on it. As the dating progresses, so too do the relationships; some resulting in further encounters, some ending, either in disaster, or a mutual, touching agreement that ‘this’ is just not working.

Stepping into the social minefield that is 21st century dating; where confessions, lies, role-playing, crises of confidence and sexual confusion abound, Dates aims to draw the audience in as the individual stories slowly begin to intertwine.

Hopeful, surprising, awkward, sexy as hell, probably more than a little bit sweaty and often playing quite hard to get, Dates, leans in and invites you to take a seat at the table to find out.

Currently filming in London, Dates has been written by Bryan Elsley, Nancy Harris, Ben Schiffer, Laura Hunter, Jamie Chann and Jamie Britain. The nine episodes consists of 30 minute editions.

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