Channel 5 Moving Dallas To Late Night Slot

Dallas cast: Larry Hagman, Linda Gray & Patrick DuffyChannel 5 is moving the revived Dallas to a late-night slot following poor ratings for the first two episodes of its second series.

Dallas returned last Tuesday for its second season with just 700,000 viewers – down considerably on the 3 million who tuned in last year for its opening episode. There have been accusations from fans that its return was barely promoted and lower ratings are as a result of BBC One’s Death in Paradise which continues to dominate the 9pm ratings on Tuesday evenings.

Whatever the reason for the show’s poor performance the oil and scandal drama has paid the price; it is being moved to a late-night slot and will now air at 11pm from Tuesday 19th February.

The news will disappoint fans and raise questions over the show’s long-term future.

The second series of Dallas is the last to feature actor Larry Hagman who is known to millions as the scheming, double-crossing oil baron J.R Ewing. The actor passed away late last year after completing five episodes of the second series. The 8th episode of the new series will feature a funeral for the character with original series actor Deborah Shelton reprising her role of J.R’s mistress Mandy Winger and Cathy Podewell returning as his second wife Cally.

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