NCIS_Los-AngelesJohn Corbett has been cast as the central character in the forthcoming NCIS: Los Angeles spin-off.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Corbett has signed up to play Roy Quaid; a former NCIS Special Agent who was forced to retire from the service. However, Roy now works as part of a small mobile team, the “Red Team”, which travels the country solving crimes.

The pilot for the spin-off will air as part of NCIS: Los Angeles later this season; it will be a “back-door” pilot similar to how NCIS: LA and NCIS itself were launched. Yesterday it was announced that actor Edwin Hodge has been cast in the spin-off.

Last week CBS renewed parent series NCIS for an 11th season following its strong ratings performance with a recent episode topping 25 million viewers. As NCIS was a spin-off itself, from JAG, that makes the new proposed Los Angeles spin-off a “fourth generation” spin-off which is believed to be a first on television.

Actor John Corbett played Max Gregson in United States of Tara between 2009 and 2011 and has most recently been playing Sean Holt in Parenthood. Between 2000 and 2003 he played Aidan Shaw in Sex and the City and also appeared in the 2010 Hollywood film Sex and the City 2. Corbett’s long and varied career also includes a five year stint on Northern Exposure between 1990 and 1995.

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