NBC Orders Extra Episode of Chicago Fire

NBC-whiteNBC has ordered another additional episode of its fire-fighter drama Chicago Fire starring Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney.

Chicago Fire, produced by Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, was given an extra episode for its first season by NBC last week. That additional episode took the total count for its first series to 23. A week later and NBC has handed Chicago Fire another extra episode meaning it will run to a total of 24 this year.

So why is NBC handing out extra episodes to Chicago Fire? Well it has already cut its episode order for Deception (low ratings) and Revolution (probably due to budgetary issues). The return of Smash has failed to deliver big ratings and the premier of Do No Harm, starring Steven Pasquale, was a huge flop. If Do No Harm’s ratings continue to be low NBC will yank it from the schedule meaning it will have air-space to fill…hence the extra episodes.

[Written by James Ryder]

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