church-cross1Christian groups supportive of same sex unions are to hold a day of prayers today in support of the marriage bill for England and Wales which is to be voted on by MPs next week.

Backed by action groups Queers for Jesus and Christians for Equal Marriage UK the idea of a day of praying was mooted by Christian writer and activist Symon Hill.

In a move which is more like the kind of teachings Jesus Christ is said to have given – live and let live – and so forth rather than the bigoted view of some religious bodies, notably in the USA – laughably described as the land of the free – churches will also today give reflection and prayers for all relationships bonded by love regardless of the gender of the unions.

“Jesus consistently broke the social and sexual conventions of his day. He modelled relationships based on love rather than legalism or power. It will be great to see churches and individual Christians praying for the many loving couples who are denied equality under the law.” Said Symon Hill of the Queers for Jesus site on Pink News.

Many faith groups including Quakers, Unitarians and Liberal Judaism support same-sex marriage, the leading opposition is the Catholic Church and somewhat the Church of England.

[Reported by Neil Lang, source: Pink News]

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