John-BarrowmanDoctor Who and Torchwood actor John Barrowman has stated his wish-list for the sci-fi’s forthcoming and highly anticipated 50th anniversary.

The actor, of course, played Captain Jack Harkness in Who and its more adult spin-off Torchwood. Barrowman has spoken several times of his desire to return to Doctor Who and be part of its 50th anniversary celebrations.

As yet though no details on the 50th special are known and Barrowman – along with other former Who actors such as Colin Baker and Peter Davison – deny they have been asked back for the occasion.

In an interview with Cult Box the subject of Doctor Who and its 50th anniversary was raised and Barrowman was asked to state his wish-list for the occasion. Barrowman replied “Davros, Donna, and my Doctor [David Tennant]. I love the whole Doctor Who universe. I’m excited for all the celebrations”

David Tennant has previously stated his openness to returning to Who for the 50th anniversary. The return of companion Donna (Catherine Tate) would prove more problematic though given how she departed the TARDIS and her memory wipe. A return for Davros is a possibility especially given his iconic status amongst the show’s history but reports over the past few months have indicated the character of The Master (possibly played once again by John Simm) would more likely return for the special.

Barrowman is currently playing Malcolm Merlyn in The CW‘s hit new drama Arrow. It was recently confirmed that Alex Kingston – herself a Doctor Who actress – will be joining the cast of the drama.

You can read the full Cult Box interview with John Barrowman – and his sister Carole – by clicking here >>

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