Dallas: Final Ratings For Channel 5’s Season Premier

Dallas: Season Two Cast PhotoThe final consolidated ratings for the season two premier of Dallas on Channel 5 have been released.

The final figures show that a higher number watched the premier than originally thought. That isn’t unusual thought because final ratings take into account viewers who record programmes and watch within seven days – most shows see a rise in their ratings through consolidated figures.

Overnight figures for the season two premier had 740,000 viewers tuning to Channel 5. The second episode – which aired last Tuesday evening – saw a drop in ratings and prompted the broadcaster to move the revived drama to an 11pm slot. That may have been premature though because Dallas has seen a significant rise through consolidated figures.

The actual figure for the opening episode is now 1.24 million viewers – much higher than the overnight figure. That places Dallas‘ as the 8th most watched programme on Channel 5 that week. Popular Australian soap Neighbours rated lower across the week on Channel 5 with its most watched episode coming in at 9th.

The most watched programme of the week was NCIS which had 1.42 million viewers which means that Dallas and the detective drama were not that far apart in terms of ratings.

Dallas continues tonight on Channel 5 at 11pm.

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9 Replies to “Dallas: Final Ratings For Channel 5’s Season Premier”

  1. I knew the tv execs at channel 5 were too hasty in their actions. Most people didn’t realise Dallas was back on. These figures demonstrate a great increase. Improve the marketing. Dallas is a fantastic show, twists and turns like a ride on the rapids. I love it and it seems so do many others. Long may the feuding of the Ewings continue.

  2. All I can say is put it back on at 9pm. The Exes must now take notice and see that it is a
    Popular programme. Listen to the actual fans and look at your viewing figures

  3. Disgusted that Dallas has been moved to 11pm slot, when a repeat
    has been put in its place. What’s the point it should of been left at 9pm, the ratings would of gone up!
    Channel 5 Controller hasn’t got a clue!

  4. I flicked over as usual for last nights dallas at 9pm and it wasnt on…after crackin up for 5mins realised it had been moved to 11pm!!!! Get a grip channel 5 and put it back on at 9pm!! Some of my friends didnt even realise season two had started!!

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