Yes, it’s Hug a Tall Person Day

High and Mighty Tall HugCelebrities including Geri Halliwell, Rick Edwards, Phillips Odow and Chris Tomlinson have all rallied round in support of Hug a Tall Person Day while one retailer decided to give out hugs to the people of London.

Menswear retail giant High and Mighty warmed up the capital today, handing out free hugs to members of the public to celebrate International Hug a Tall Person Day.

High and Mighty’s ‘Mr High’, (pictured) who stands at an impressive 7ft 1”, took to the streets of London to spread the happiness and benefits of hugging, which include stress reduction, pain relief and improving wellbeing. The public, tourists and commuters
actively participated and high hugs were enjoyed all round.

Gill Politis, MD of the menswear retailer, a tall lady herself who stands at 6ft, comments, “We at High and Mighty are delighted to be celebrating Hug a Tall Person Day – it’s a light-hearted, feel good day to celebrate tall people and a great excuse to get hugging and reap the rewards.”

High and Mighty produced a step-by-step video guide to demonstrate top techniques for hugging a tall person and a ‘tallkit’ to get you started.

Consumers, tall people, short people, celebrities and everyone in between also got involved with Hug a Tall Person Day, tweeting photos of themselves hugging tall people. A prize for the best photo will be awarded which will include a £200 voucher for dinner at London’s tallest restaurant.

[Reported by not-so-tall Vivian Summers]

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